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"Whale" Killing at its BEST! Direct Mail Marketing Secrets what will ANNIHILATE Your Competition.

Have you ever looked for a missing weapon within your arsenal that would better allow you to knock down MASSIVE real estate deals?

This may not be the “end all, be all” to your search for the most powerful tools out there that will allow you to help more people, however, this WILL set you apart from your competition.

Now, we have all seen Bandit Signs, and most of us have spent countless hours in the waning moments of the VERY early morning deploying or employing our team to deploy the signs. On most every street corner in every major city in America the trained eye can find the “We Buy Houses CA$H” sign. They are an effective gorilla marketing tool that we have all used to capture leads and initiate communication with motivated/distressed sellers. These Bandit Signs take significant manpower to maintain an effective campaign over time. They are a great tool for any arsenal.

In the same breath, we have all seen, or been a part of a Direct Mail Campaign. This is another time proven tactic to generate leads and initiate communication with our sellers. These campaigns can be capital intensive with a relatively low conversion rate if not done to near perfection.

Here at Duke City Property Investments Inc (DCPI), we have taken both the Bandit Sign Strategy as well as the Direct Mail Campaign and united them into our Bandit Sign Post Cards. These tools have been massive in our efforts to help sellers in distress and in need of real estate solutions. There are some very important points to take into consideration BEFORE you implement them into your marketing campaign.


1. Difficult to throw in the trash. Given of the structural integrity of the post card, each card communicates to the seller “I care”, “this is very well calculated”, “I have invested in my craft as an investor, and have funds to perform”, “I am professional” etc…

2. High Value Target Bait. When dealing with what we affectionately refer to as “Whales” or “High Value Targets” (HVT) theses sellers often have a different temperament, higher expectations, and they appreciate a little more polish and professionalism. This IS the tool that will aid you in communicating that you are the resource they can lean on that is a cut above the rest.


1. Extra Postage. Each card will need a considerable amount of postage. This is because the USPS must treat each unit as though it is a ‘parcel’ rather than a post card. The post cards will not physical fit through the mail sorter the USPS uses.

2. Overall Cost of the Card. The overall cost of the card in relation to your average post card is expensive in comparison. For this reason, we only send these cards to a finite number of sellers on our list.

Here at DCPI have taken the time to create 6 different cards, each with a unique message and color. As time passes in the cycle the intent of the campaign is to match the urgency as well as the motivation of our sellers. The first card in the cycle is introductory in nature and communicates a general nature of willingness to purchase homes in any condition. As time within the seller’s motivation cycle progresses the nature of the message is intended to match urgency with the final card being the “8 BALL Card” which communicates- This Could Be Your Last Shot!

At the end of the day our intent is to HELP people solve real estate problems. We know in prioritizing the needs of our seller we can the help them and in the same breath grow our company. This is yet another tool we use in aiding our mission. If you have a similar mission, we would like to empower you with tool to assistance in the process.

If you would like a copy of the of our copyright, the contents for the post cards or the link to the website that provides the Bandit Signs, drop a like and a comment in the blog.

-Evan Sanderson

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