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Evan Sanderson

Chief Executive Officer

         As CEO of Duke City Property Investments Inc (DC) Evan’s primary duties include leading the organizations short- and long-term strategies. He oversees the growth of DC while strengthening the organization to ensure long term proficiency and profitability.  Among Evan’s talents, included and notable, is his talent for Investor Relations and Raising Capital. Evan is the face of the company and often represents DC at functions and in the public eye. Working with the other partners Evan analyzes the implied risks of investments and uses his experience to advise the team on how to mitigate risk while maximizing return. In Evan’s former life he was a career Fireman. The lessons and teachings from the Fire Service are readily abundant in Evan’s ability to alleviate risk, in his critical thinking and decision making, as well as leadership skills. Among other notables Evan helped to found Meraki Equity’s, the sister company DC. Evan is also the youngest Board member of one of his communities most generous charities Los Ojos De La Familia. Evan is a humble and servient leader who is obsessed with seeing his Team and Community WIN!

Joshua Maestas

Chief Operating Officer

          As a native New Mexican and property owner in Albuquerque, it is with great confidence that Joshua believes there is no place quite like the Land of Enchantment. Due to his extensive knowledge of Albuquerque and the surrounding areas, Josh is equipped with the expertise to assist clients in making the best possible decision when it comes to buying and selling homes. Furthermore, Josh has specialized training in real estate negotiation and investment management.  Whether it comes to buying your first home, your family home, or your last home, Josh is here to assist. With a passion for investing and all things real estate, Josh is always an essential part of your team in your next real estate venture. 


Jarett Tigges

Chief Financial Officer

           Jarett Tigges is the Chief Financial Officer of Duke City Property Investments as well as a co-founder of Duke City’s sister company, Meraki Equity. Before beginning his career in real estate, Jarett obtained his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Mexico. His degree, coupled with three years of work experience at Sandia National Laboratories gives him the ability to analyze and understand complex data and problems. Jarett focuses on strategic financial planning, investment underwriting, and equity/debt management within the company. Through real estate, Jarett hopes to improve the neighborhoods we invest in and his community as a whole. His main passion in life is to create abundance for those around him, whether through health, lifestyle, or financial freedom. 

Amanda Sanderson

Sales Team Lead

           Amanda Sanderson has spent over a decade in sale specific jobs and has realized that connecting with heart-beating people and building relationships drives her passion for life. What better way to fuel that passion then to help you find your Dream Home. Amanda strives to build trust and confidence by understanding your needs and wants first and foremost, which build the foundation of a great working relationship. Her thirst for knowledge and friendly approach allows her to connect with clients so they feel confident and assured that she can sell and/or find the home of their dreams. Born and raised in northern New Mexico, a graduate of Espanola Valley, and resident of the Duke City for the last ten years, Amanda is both familiar and knowledgeable of the area. Why choose anyone else when you can choose to work with someone who is driven and passionate about finding you the Home that you have been looking for.


Jennifer Ramirez

Acquisitions Lead

              Jennifer Ramirez has been a proud resident of New Mexico for the past 15+ years. She is passionate about her home state and its unique culture, as well as helping others in the community to build better lives for themselves. In her professional life, Jennifer has worked to solve real estate problems throughout New Mexico as an expert navigating the complex rules and regulations that govern this area. She has always been focused on adding value to homes, communities, and the entire team. Jennifer understands that the most important part of her job isn’t just about real estate; it’s about building genuine relationships built on trust and understanding. She works hard to build connections with clients and develop mutual respect between them so that everyone can benefit.

Elijah Lopez


                  Being Native to New Mexico, Elijah understands the importance of giving back to the city which helped forge him into the man that he is today. Giving back to the community and those that he loves is Elijah’s passion and he firmly believes that real estate is the best tool to do just that. Before starting his career in real estate, Elijah got two Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Economics and a Master’s in Business Administration. The lessons that he learned while working in the political world and at Sandia National Laboratories give him the ability to handle high level and complex problems that are often encountered in real estate investing. He currently volunteers as the Alumnus Advisor for the Delta Zeta Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at the University of New Mexico where he coaches the undergraduates in leadership skills, community service efforts and being each other's brother’s keeper. His thirst for knowledge and hunger for excellence makes him just right for the acquisition of properties everyday and being on the front lines with local property owners.  

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Jason Marino

In-House Counsel

            Jason graduated from Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. He continued his education by attending Washington University in Saint Louis earning his juris doctor. He spent the next 10 years advising billion-dollar companies as a real estate attorney. Over the last decade, Jason and his wife have been investing in short-term and long-term rental properties both locally and internationally. His passion for real estate made collaboration with Duke City Property Investments a natural fit.

Evan Sanderson
Joshua Maestas
Jarett Tigges
Cody Leslie
Amanda Sanderson
Jennifer Ramirez
Elijah Lopez
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