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Are You in Foreclosure? You Still Have Options! 

Learn more about what Redemption Rights are below.


In the state of New Mexico, you are entitled to a bundle of rights when you purchase a property. One of those rights is "The Right of Redemption." This right allows you to purchase the property back from the plaintiff (in most cases the bank), in cash, for what the property sold for at auction. 

At the final stage of the foreclosure process, homeowners in New Mexico have the right to redeem or recover ownership of their house after it’s sold through a district court-ordered foreclosure auction. New Mexico is one of 16 states where so-called “redemption rights” are available outright.


The problem with exercising the redemption right is that the homeowner must come up with the cash to pay the approved auction sales price, plus certain other costs, which is not a very realistic prospect for someone losing his or her home through foreclosure.

The saving grace in New Mexico is that redemption rights are transferable. The homeowner can sell or give away his or her redemption right.​​

Our company specializes in purchasing redemption rights which allows us to purchase the property directly from the bank. The direct benefit to you is that you can receive cash in hand for less than 30 minutes of your time and one signature. 

DC Property Investments - Redemption Rights
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We will schedule a quick walkthrough of the house to determine condition. offer

We will make you a cash offer for your redemption rights. 

3.assign Rights

With one signature, you will sign over your redemption rights. 

4.get paid

We will write a check for your redemption rights the same day as you assign the rights to us. 

Get a Cash Offer For Your Redemption Rights.

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If you would like to sell your redemption rights, we can get you a cash offer in less than 48 hours!

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