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You have tried everything! Now what?! Secrets of closing MASSIVE real estate investment deals.

Cold call, tried it… door knock, been there… email, text message, SMOKE SIGNAL, done that! Now what do you do?!

Let’s face it, all the above strategies are tried and true, time tested magnificent ways to acquire homes and contact distressed sellers. But, what do you do when all these options have been exhausted to no avail?!

We have found a way that will penetrate the guard of even the most unresponsive of sellers. CAUTION, this strategy is only to be used on massive deals that require a bit of creativity.

We have taken the time-tested strategy of the written yellow letter a step farther, well actually multiple steps farther. In addition to our handwritten yellow letter we have created a High Value Target (HVT) package.

Within our package is the following:

1. Biography for each team member

2. Introduction letter, describing who we are and what we do

3. Copy of NM real estate license

4. Print out of “Good Standing” with the NM real estate commission

5. Business Card

6. Copy of my driver’s license

7. NM Statute of Redemption Rights

8. A check

Each piece of this package was strategically picked to communicate to our seller we are genuine real people whom are professional and have a slew of viable solutions that will impact your life in a meaningful way.

This particular HVT called for extreme measures! This deal was big enough that we needed to exhaust every resource available to help this seller and attain the asset. At the end of the day we were able to acquire the home and it will make a fantastic investment property.

-Evan Sanderson

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